B Papers on Global Change IGBP


1730-802X (print version)


Polish Academy of Sciences


MAŁGORZATA GUTRY-KORYCKA, Warsaw University, Poland

Deputy/ Managing Editor
LESZEK STARKEL– Institute of Geography and Spatial Organization PAS, Warsaw, Poland

Editorial Advisory Board
LARS BÄRRING, Geobiosphere Science Centre, Lund University, Sweden
MARTIN BENISTON, University of Fribourg, Switzerland
MARCO BINDI, University of Florence, Italy
CHRISTOS GIANNAKOPOULOS, Institute of Environmental Research and Sustainable Development, Greece
REINHARD F. HÜTTL, Brandenburg Technical University, Cottus, Germany
ZBIGNIEW W. KUNDZEWICZ, Institute for the Agricultural and Forest Environment, Polish Academy of Science, Poznań, Poland
GASTONE DEMARÉE, Institut Rogal Meteorologique de Belgique
JOÃO CORTE REAL, University of Evora, Portugal
LESZEK STARKEL, Polish Academy of Science, Kraków, Poland
HANS von STORCH, Meteorological Institute, University of Hamburg, Germany

Language Editors
JAMES RICHARDS – National School of Public Administration Warsaw Poland

Technical Editors
GRAŻYNA SELIGA, Institute of Geography And Spatial Organization , Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw, Poland,
AGATA MARKOWSKA, Director of Polish Academy of Sciences, The Warsaw Printers Science, Poland